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Stephen Colbert Is Taking The Late Show to Russia

Stephen Colbert | Photo Credits: Scott Kowalchyk

Stephen Colbert is taking The Late Show to the land of Putin.

Colbert is currently in Russia "on assignment for a future broadcast," a CBS representative tells

On Thursday the host tweeted in response to President Trump's admission that he doesn't have secret tapes of conversations with former FBI director James Comey that the President shouldn't worry, "I'm in Russia. If the 'tapes' exist, I'll bring you back a copy!" This is a reference to Trump's infamous, probably apocryphal "pee tape" allegedly recorded in Russia that is being used to blackmail him into collusion with the Russian government.

The Late Show is airing repeats Thursday and Friday, but returns for new episodes Monday. Guests have been set for Monday through Thursday, but late-night lineups are always subject to change. Friday June 30th's show, however, is currently just offering "Stephen's take on the news of the day," so maybe that will be a Russia episode. CBS declined to comment on airdate or specifics of what Colbert is doing in Russia.

Colbert has traveled before, last year airing live episodes from Philadelphia and Cleveland for the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. His network mate James Corden has done shows from London. But no one has traveled more than Conan O'Brien, who has taped his TBS show in places as far-flung as Havana and Berlin and most recently did a special from Mexico.

Hopefully Colbert's time in Russia goes better than the time he went to a KKK rally for The Daily Show.

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The Greek Reunion Movie Is Dead

Looking to relive your college years? Don't plan to do it through that rumored movie revival of Greek because Freeform has opted to not move forward with that project.

TVLine first reported that Casey (Spencer Grammer), Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) and Rusty (Jacob Zachar) won't be returning for any reunion, which is more than a little frustrating after having this revival movie dangled in front of us. And it was a bummer for some of the cast, too, who expressed interest in doing the project.

"I know that Sean Smith turned in a draft to Freeform," Amber Stevens West told earlier this year. "I know that a lot of people are in it. I know that it's a lot of bringing back guest stars and recurring [characters]. I don't know where Freeform is with it. I don't know when they want to make it. All I know is that I'm excited to be part of it and I really hope that I get to do it and it happens."

From a fan perspective, the slightly anti-climatic ending of the original series always seemed to be begging for a follow-up or clarification of some kind. It was prime revival material. Back in 2011, Smith told TVLine that he gave the show a vague ending on purpose. "For me, keeping it open allowed me to have the imagination to think of where I want them to go, as much as I want the audience to do the same."

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From a plot perspective, however, a revival would probably not have been a very enjoyable experience. Half the fun of watching Greek was seeing these kids trying to grow up in a responsibility-free atmosphere, where keggers and candle passings were a staple of everyday life. Seeing our favorite characters all these years later in the regular lives would have felt jarring to the original concept of the show. And if they'd tried to revive the college element, it would have been even more unsettling. Cappie might have been the proverbial Peter Pan of the group, but we'd never want to see him as a 30-year-old still trying to relive the college glory years.

For now, a Greek reunion will have to remain a nice -- if unattainable -- daydream.

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Shameless Taps Jessica Szohr to be Fiona's New Bestie

Jessica Szohr | Photo Credits: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Fiona (Emmy Rossum) is getting a new friend on the next season of Shameless.

Jessica Szohr will be joining the Showtime dramedy as a recurring character in Season 8, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Gossip Girl alum will play Nessa, "a strong, tough and smart lesbian who is a tenant in Fiona's newly purchased apartment building. The duo will develop a strong friendship."

Fiona honestly needs some friends as she spent the majority of Season 7 as a lone wolf, trying to start a business enterprise on her own. Though the Gallagher family matriarch was able to repair her damaged relationship with Vee (Shanola Hamption) by the end of the season, it's been clear that Fiona has been floundering on the social front for a while now.

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Not to mention, Fiona has been single ever since Sean (Dermot Mulroney) left her at the altar in Season 6. Maybe Nessa will help her explore her sexuality? Far more shocking things have happened on Shameless.

Showtime has not yet announced a premiere date for Season 8.

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